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This portal is for developers to access the BSN Spartan Network without installing their own Spartan Data Centers. All access to the Spartan Network from this site goes through the Data Centers installed and maintained by Red Date Technology, the architect of the BSN project. To keep the BSN Spartan spirit of transparency, openness, and anonymity, any developer can access the Spartan Network on this portal anonymously. You can choose to pay for Gas Credits using a credit card or USDC.

We encourage experienced developers or companies to install the BSN Spartan Data Center to enjoy the full potential of the network. To learn how to install a BSN Spartan Data Center, please visit the BSN Spartan Network Website.

The following steps will guide you through how to access the Spartan Network:
Step 1

Get a Wallet Address

A wallet is like your personal account on the Spartan Network, and the private key of the wallet is the only identifier of the account. Please make sure that the private key is secure. We recommend using Metamask to create your wallet address.

Get a Wallet Address
Step 2

Chain Access Info

The Spartan Network has a multi-chain architecture. You need to choose which Non-Cryptocurrency Public Chain you want to deploy and execute your smart contracts. For more information on these chains, please click here.

Step 3

Top Up Gas Credit

Gas Credit is consumed in wallets to execute smart contract transactions on the Spartan Network. You can use credit cards or USDC to purchase Gas Credits from the Data Center (Red Date Tech) via which you gain access to the network.

Step 4

Developer Documentation

The BSN Spartan Developer Manual will help you understand all the processes and operations of how to develop decentralized applications on the Spartan Network. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Step 5

Contract Marketplace

We provide four groups of open-source smart contracts in the Contract Marketplace for developers in different stages of expertise and experience. If you are new to blockchain, we encourage you to start with the Beginner Contacts.

View Contracts
Get Chain Access Information
Enter your email address and we will send you the access information of the Non-Cryptocurrency public chains

Tutorial Video

Technical Documentation

BSN Spartan Developer Manual
BSN Spartan Network White Paper
Data Center System Deployment Manual
NC Public Chain Node Deployment Manual
Non-Cryptocurrency Public Chains Instructions

Learn more about the Non-Cryptocurrency Public Chains

Spartan-I Chain
(Powered by NC Ethereum)
  • About Spartan-I Chain
  • Ethereum Development Documentation
  • Solidity Lang
  • Web3j Document
  • Web3.js Document
Spartan-II Chain
(Powered by NC Cosmos)
  • About Spartan-II Chain
  • API Introduction
  • CLI Client Commands
  • Solidity Lang
  • Web3j Document
  • Spartan-II Chain GoLang SDK
Spartan-III Chain
(Powered by NC PolygonEdge)
  • About Spartan-III Chain
  • Polygon Edge API
  • How to Use Smart Contracts
  • Solidity Lang
  • Web3j Document
  • Web3.js Document

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