Contract Marketplace

BSN Official Contract Services

This group of smart contracts is already deployed on the Spartan Network by BSN Foundation or BSN-authorized third parties. They provide some most basic and common functions and methods of blockchain smart contracts. Developers can directly call these smart contracts without rebuilding similar functions again. Most of these smart contracts are open source. BSN official contract services are default listed in all data center end-user portals and integrated into the data center APIs/SDKs for easy access.

BSN Certified Smart Contracts

This group of smart contracts is fully open source and can be downloaded, modified, and redeployed onto BSN Spartan Network for any commercial or personal use. The BSN team has reviewed and certified these smart contracts and encourages BSN Spartan users and developers to reuse these brilliant smart contracts as they see fit. Some of these open-source smart contracts from BSN Official Services and BSN Beginner Contracts are also included.

BSN Beginner Smart Contracts

This group of smart contracts is specifically designed and consolidated together for beginners to learn smart contract development based on the solidity programming language. These smart contracts contain some of the most basic and common examples, methods, and functions, such as tokens, NFT, storage, DID, Multisignature, etc. It is encouraged that beginners should not only review the codes but also modify whatever they see fit and deploy different versions of BSN Spartan Network to fully test and practice different business scenarios based on smart contract technologies.

BSN Smart Contract Open Market

In order to help you understand the Spartan network and smart contracts more intuitively and comprehensively, we have collected a large number of open-source smart contract projects and verified their compatibility through actual deployment of the Spartan network. You can directly deploy the smart contract projects that fit your business needs in the Spartan network or modify some of the smart contracts to meet your business needs and then deploy them. Please double-check the copyright/copyleft statements of these open-source projects to make sure you fully understand the related IP rights before use.


  • For a detailed introduction to smart contract marketplace, please click here.

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