Gateway Access Instruction

Key Parameters

  • Access key: accessKey, created in the portal, the user cannot access the blockchain without the key.

  • Target chain type: chainType, configured in the data center system, the message cannot be forwarded if it's wrong.

  • Protocol: protocol, message-passing protocol, e.g. http, grpc.

Gateway Request Format

HTTP Request

  • https://[domain:port]/api/[accessKey]/[chainType]/rpc/[chain_path]

  • Example: https://[domain:port]/api/015416c06ef74ac38a92521792f97e7d/spartanone/rpc

WebSocket Request

  • wss://[domain:port]/api/[accessKey]/[chainType]/ws/[chain_path]

  • Example: wss://[ domain:port]/api/015416c06ef74ac38a92521792f97e7d/spartanone/ws

gRPC Request


Request header:

  • x-api-key: [accessKey]

  • x-api-chain-type: [chainType]


  • [domain]: domain name, you can apply it by yourself.

  • [port]: the port number to distinguish different protocols, e.g. http, grpc, you can define it yourself.

  • [chain_path]: is not required, can be null, user can add this parameter if needed.

  • The access information can be found in the notification email of Network Access Information.

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